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Top : General
GM and Buick spy pictures

GM to offer 500+hp 8.1L Crate Engine in '03 -

General Motors will introduce an automotive crate engine variant of the recently announced high-output Vortec HP3 8100 V-8 marine engine as part of the GM Performance Parts crate engine portfolio. The engine will be available for sale through the GM Performance Parts catalog beginning in late 2003.

With its base Vortec 8100 V-8 truck engine foundation and the Vortec 8100 HP3 V8 marine engine enhancements, the 8.1-liter crate engine combines the reliability, durability and quality of a proven production powerplant with the performance characteristics crate engine customers demand.

The marine HP3 engine announced for production earlier this year and the 496 cubic-inch Vortec HP3 8100 crate engine will deliver more than 525 horsepower and more than 560 lb-ft of torque (final output for the HP3 marine engine will be announced at a later date).

2003 Vortec HP3 8100 High Performance Crate Engine

Type: 8.1L V8
Displacement: 8127 cc (496 cu.in.)
Compression ratio: 9.1:1
Valve Config.: Pushrod actuated overhead canted valves ( 2 valves per cylinder )
Valve Lifters: Hydraulic roller
Firing Order: 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3
Bore & Stroke: 107.95 x 111.00mm (4.25 x 4.37 in.)
Main Bearing Caps: 4-bolt cast iron
Balance Method: Internal engine balance
Intake Manifold: Factory-installed PFI (equal length runner) manifold
Oil Pan Capacity: 8 qt . (7 quart fill level after system charge)
Fuel Type: Gasoline (unleaded)(87 octane)
Fuel System: Port fuel injection
Horsepower: 525HP @ 5400 RPM
Torque: ( lb-ft ) : 560 lb-ft @ 4000 RPM
Engine Rotation: Clockwise (facing front of engine)
Spark Plugs: Platinum (1.5-mm gap )
Emissions Controls: Internal PCV orifice system
Paint Protection: Component painted
Shipping Weight: 734.14 lb (333 kg)
Block: Cast iron
Cylinder Head: Cast iron
Intake Manifold: Coated cast aluminum
Main Bearing Caps: Cast nodular iron
Crankshaft: Cast nodular iron
Camshaft: Steel
Connecting Rods: Forged steel (1141SAE shot-peened and magnafluxed with 9mm diameter bolts)
Pistons: Hypereutectic coated cast aluminum
Assembly Site: Tonawanda, New York

Buick will add some excitement to its full-size sedan lines when this 2005 LeSabre is introduced in early 2004. Long known as a cushy, oversize American 6-seater, the new LeSabre is smaller and has sharper exterior styling to appeal to the tastes of European-directed buyers. Up front is a not-so-subtle rendition of the Jaguar effect with slipstreams carved into the fenders and running to the rear of the headlights. The trademark Buick oval grille is flatter and thrusts forward from a longer hood. The rear deck is foreshortened, signaling tighter overall dimensions and a shorter vehicle overall. In keeping with the European theme, the car might be designed to the European standard of 5 meters long. A thinner C-pillar and squeezed-down sixth window treatment create an image of a more agile, lighter-weight vehicle. The new car will still be a V6-powered front-drive sedan like the current model.

What you see here will not be the '04 Regal, as we had conjectured. Bob Lutz, GM's product czar, took one look at this car and pronounced it "the most disappointing I've encountered." That simple statement sent the designers running back to their computer terminals and will delay the car's debut for at least 12 months. What's wrong with this styling? Aside from the three portholes in the front fender, the car offers little that would make it a standout on today's roadways, let alone tomorrow's.

Spy Pictures of a prototype was caught in Europe.

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