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1964 Jose Fernandez

I bought the car about ten years ago from a guy who had it advertised
the classifieds. The selling price was $1,900 and the ad said the
was blown. I really had no intention on buying the car when I went to
look at it. It was near by and I was curious to see what exactly a 64
Riviera looked like. At the time I was into 65-66 Chevy Impalas, owning
of them at the time. The seller of the "Riv" told me his mother bought
car in 1977 and was the was the second owner. He said that she drove
car about a year then one day had the car towed home because the engine
blew. The Riv has been in their garage ever since 1978. It was now
1990, and when he opened the garage and I laid my eyes on "her", it was
love at first site.
There was about an inch of dirt, dust ,and grime covering the
of her. The tires were all flat , her exhaust was completely rotted
Little rodent foot prints in the dust made their way across the
surfaces of
the roof and hood. She looked rough but, I was in love.
My wife, who tagged along, was thinking " well so much for that, lets
home" but then she realized the look in my eyes, she has seen it
before. "
oh no ! Your not thinking of buying this? "
After begging and pleading to friends and family for the money, I
bought her and she was mine.
Now I had to get her running. I decided to try and start her to
out what was wrong with the engine. After a night of letting tran fluid
soak in the cylinders, I installed a new battery and a fuel line into a
coffee can placed under the car and fired her up. All that was wrong
was a
bad water pump that was making a heck of a racket ! After a set of new
tires, radiator recore, tune up , new brakes and fluid changes, I have
cruising her ever since. The paint and interior are completely
She won 3rd place at the 1999 Buick Club of America San Gabriel
car show in Pasadena, Ca in the 63- 65 Riv. class were about 12 other
Last Nov. I located the original owners using information I got
off of
the original dealer service work orders that came with the car.
both owners took the car to the dealership for all service. The first
invoice is dated 12/4/63 It states mileage at 101 miles. The last is
4/11/77 and mileage at 63, 228. There are about 35 invoices and they
every thing from routine oil changes to brake service to locating
vibrations to the installation of seat belts.
The original owner is a very kind lady now in her 80s. She told me
Rivera was the most favorite car she has ever had. She paid $5,000 cash
it at Simpson Buick in Downey,Ca.
Thanks for letting me share my story-----Jose Fernandez - Covina,

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